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Document should be submitted before trekking.

Medical Certificate should be submitted during trekking.

Documents should needed of Foreigner -
1. Passport Details 2. Visa Details 3. Passport size Photo

Documents for Indian -
1. Any valid Identification Certificate 2. Passport size Photo

Darjeeling trek

Singalila trek-in darjeeling.


Enjoy the breathtaking experience of the pictorial Sandakphu with Glaciers Trek and Adventure 

Sandakphu is the most visited places on the outskirts of West Bengal and Nepal. Going on a trek to Sandakphu will shower you with the mesmerising beauty of the highest peaks of the world. So if you are a traveler at heart and wish to explore the world of mountain, then it is time to pack your bags and embark on a journey with Glaciers Trek and Adventure. We organize the best trekking experience for you to make your journey remarkable.

 As a professional mountain guide agency we will make sure you do not miss out the spectacular views of Mt. Makalu, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, and the towering Mt. Everest. All of which that can be witnessed on the trek of Sandakphu including the iconic Sleeping Buddha. Since the trekking path goes along the Nepal border, you would be stepping in the country and out of it continuously. It is indeed an experience worth remembering throughout your life.

Through our trekking organisation, you may start your Sandakphu journey in autumn, as it will give you unblemished sights of nature as well as the giant mountains. Else you can also go there in the October- November during core winter period to experience the magical snow. We ensure you would be enjoying every bit of the voyage surrounded by magnolia and rhododendrons. On the expedition of Sandakphu, witnessing Kalipokhri happens to be an exciting aspect. It is a black pond which resemblances the right foot of Lord Shiva, considering its shape, according to Buddhists. They also regard it as a holy pond as it never freezes.

Our services

You would be fully guided and taken care of by our travel expertise. We will provide you supreme quality service throughout your trek, the moment you sign on with us. Trek is usually meant for the people who are passionate about adventures and willing take risks. They usually have very strong desire to discover mountains. So we Glaciers Trek and Adventure, being a travel guide agency respect the emotions and excitement of our clients, who join us to unearth the world of mountains. We do take care of the financial aspect also, to make it as affordable as possible for you. We try to make it the most comfortable travelling so that you can only relish each moment of the voyage to the utmost for years to come.

Besides arranging treks and providing you guidance, we also have an arrangement for the entertainment of our clients. It is to divert your minds from the strenuous journey and any kind of illness that might shake your confidence of heading further. All are meant to make you feel at home. We would not make you wary for a moment if you face any difficulty along the journey. We have experienced and completely reliable tour guides and drivers, who possess sound knowledge about each nook and corner of the locations.

The risk and difficulty quotient of the trek

Well, to be fair and honest, we would assure all our clients a safe and protected journey. But, it is also important to include the fitness factor here. Since the Sandakphu trek has been conceived as little tough journey hence being thoroughly fit is highly important. Like any other trek, it also requires the travelers to have a great endurance level and stamina to survive the mountain sickness. Other than that, on the route a motor road is there that leads to Phalut, this can be taken during any emergency if need be.

The preparation of the trek

Though we would take care of the medical support for our clients, but still, it is advisable for everyone to be fit and strong before embarking on the trek. You can do jogging and other exercises to enhance your endurance level and strength. During the trek, you might face certain obstacles along the road, which challenge your stamina to cover the distance. You also have to have strength in your legs, as you have to cover a long distance by walking. So you better look after the fitness area before the trip begins. 


Day 1 : (Reaching the base camp)

The trip will begin from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and head towards the base camp located at Jaubhari. It will take around 4/5 hours along the border of Nepal, through the tea estates and villages.

Fixed Dept

29 Mar 18 OPEN
11 Apr 18 OPEN
21 Apr 18 OPEN
01 Mar 18 OPEN


Includes & Excludes

Inclusion -

  • Accommodation at Jou Bari, meals provide only breakfast in the initial day.
  • Meals provide from company initial breakfast to till last dinner at Sapi
  • Equipement issue by company are A Shape /Alpine trekking tents and dome tent on twice or thrice sharing basis. Sleeping bag, Camping mattresses,  would be provide.
  • Transport veichle type, Tata sumo, Mahindra bolero, from Baghdogra airport or NJP railway station – Trekking point and back to same point.
  • Meals on the trek will be freshly prepared are mix of Indian, Chinese & Continental.
  • Yaks/Porters: For carrying camping equipment, rations, vegetables and some amount of personal gear of the clients (one bag not weighing more than 5kgs)
  • Professional trekking guide and kitchen staff would accompany the group.
  • Entry fee and permit fee etc.

Exclusion -

  • Air ticket any domestic and international flight ticket.
  • Any charges for personal carrying luggage and still/video cameras etc.
  • Alcohol, soft drinks, bottled water, beverages, etc.  
  • Personal expenses like tips, telephone calls, laundry, etc
  • Any meals/services not mentioned above.
  • Any costs arising cause of natural disaster circumstances like landslides, road blocks,bad weather, etc
  • Travel insurance.

Useful Info

  • Q.What type of wearing material need for trek?
  • Down Feather Jacket. T-shirt 3 or 4 pieces an Wind proof Trouser. Inner Trouser and other 2 fancy trouser, Woollen socks
  • Water proof Gloves or woollen gloves Water Bottle woollen Cap, Trekking Boots sleepers Head Lamps. Extra cells,sun guggles etc.
  • Personal medicinal kids. Agencies provide only basic medicine.
  • Q.what we have to keep in mind during on trek?
  • Trekking route maximum narrow  and we need to maintain our walking manner, every trekker it knows there at we should what we need take aware, when we can cross with the yaks and horses we always give side of inside the path,
  • Do not fall or throw any stone on the way.because it can be distrub for animal and sometime people are there for gring of grass and wood for shelter at home.
  • Do not make noise on campsite at mostly evening time or night because it can be disturb for other trekkers,
  • Always we respect for mountain and natural vegetation.
  • It should be needed local Weather  information.
  • Do not make noise on the way,try to walk as much as possible in silence, because it is more chance to found of wild animals and birds.

 What is meant by AMS? and what is the reason of having sickness and what is the Symptoms, and what is the Precaution? following under here summarise in brief.

  • We understand in simple AMS it means Acute mountain sickness: Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is the effect on the body of being in a high altitude environment. AMS is common at high altitudes, that is above 8,000 feet (2,440 meters). Three-quarters of people have mild symptoms of AMS over 10,000 feet (3,048 meters). The occurrence of AMS depends on the altitude, the rate of ascent, and individual susceptibility.
  • when we will going to high altitude trek, we should need to acclamatisation on the elevation in around 2500 meter to 3000meter, because our body should be habitute in the new environment. symptom usally having after arrival at altitude 10 to 24 hours, when we can have Suffering include of headache dizziness, fatige, shortness of breath, lossof appetite, nausea, disurbed sleep,and a general feeling ofmalaise,this time we have to think this is a symptom of AMS.
  • Mild AMS does not usually interfere with normal activity and symptoms generally subside within 2-4 days as the body acclimatizes. As long as symptoms are mild, and only a nuisance, ascent can continue at a moderate rate. When hiking, it is essential to communicate any symptoms of illness immediately to others on your trip. AMS is considered to be a neurological problem caused by changes in the central nervous system. It is basically a mild form of high altitude cerebral edema.
  • Mild AMS is usually treated with pain medications for headache and a drug called DIAMOX which allows one to breathe faster and so metabolize more oxygen, thereby minimizing the symptoms caused by poor oxygenation. This is especially helpful at night when respiratory drive is decreased. Since it takes a while for DIAMOX to have an effect, it is advisable to start taking it 24 hours before going to altitude and continue it for at least 5 days at higher altitude.

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