Upcoming Trek Date

Document should be submitted before trekking.

Medical Certificate should be submitted during trekking.

Documents should needed of Foreigner -
1. Passport Details 2. Visa Details 3. Passport size Photo

Documents for Indian -
1. Any valid Identification Certificate 2. Passport size Photo

Equipement List

When we are going to buy of product in market we can found different quality, now a days found product in market Branded and copied, that the depend us, what and which product we can afford but basically in trekking it does work both branded and copied also,what we carry the material for trek following under here, on table and few brief in details.

1. Down feather Jacket, what is the important of down feather jacket, When we will be in high altitude there suddenly weather temperature will be decreases and that's time if we can wear it is enough to warm, and very light weight also and easy to carry also.

2.Windproof Jacket, Windproof Trouser,

3. Inner trouser Inner Sweater are both very important.

4.Gloves, Woollen caps or any kind of material caps and Scarf.

5. some piece of T-shirt this is to carry depend of duration of trek,

6.Trekking boots and Sleepers and 2 or 3 pair of cotton sucks,

7.Sun glass, Head Lamp or nay ordinary torch light and extra cells. water bottle,

8.Day bag and Ruck sack. walking pole,

Please above mention keep in mind if someone forget you will get trouble in trek,

This time we can found the brand are in different quality like North Face are very common for the trekkers and other brand are Mountain Hard wear, Quecha, Solomon, Black Diamond, so this time all this brand are available to buy in the market,

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